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Eighth International Congress of Fluid Dynamics & Propulsion


December 14-17, 2006

Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt


Organized by:

- Cairo University (Egypt)

- Mansoura University (Egypt)

- Zagazig University (Egypt)

- The American Society of Mechanical Engineers




Conference Program



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Thursday 14 December 2006



Keynote Speech:

Time: 8:05 AM – 9:05 AM


Turbine Heat Transfer Research at NASA Glenn Research Center

Prof. Dr. D. R. Reddy

Chief, Propulsion Systems Division, NASA Research Center, USA



Friday 15 December 2006




Time: 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Room [A]

Future of Natural Gas in Egypt: Reality and Ambitions



Session 1:

Time: 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Room [B]

Chair: Prof. Dr. Khalid S. Abdol-Hamid

Co-Chair: Prof. Dr. Sadek Kassab


Invited Lecture 1:


Three-Dimensional Computational Model for Flow in an Over-Expanded Nozzle with Porous Surfaces

Prof. Dr. Khalid S. Abdol-Hamid

NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton VA, USA



A Modified Flowfield Dependent Variation Method Applied to the Compressible Flow Equations

A. A. Megahed, B. R. Gerges, and M. W. El-Mallah



Solution of Incompressible Euler Equation by an Optimally Efficient Multigrid Technique

S. A. Mohamed, M. S. Matbuly, S. Radwan, and N. H. Mostafa



Experimental and Numerical Study of the Effect of Tip Clearance on Three-Dimensional Flow Field through Linear Turbine Cascade

M. Bassily Hana, M. F. Sherif, and H. El-Batsh



New Approach of BEM Methods to Solve Solute Diffusion Problems with Moving Boundaries

Said G. Ahmed, and Intisar A. R. Hadi



Session 2:

Time: 1:15 PM – 3:00 PM

Room [A]

Chair: Prof. Dr. Demetri P. Telionis

Co-Chair: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmed F. Abdel Gawad


Invited Lecture 2:


ASME Electronic Products and Its Effects in Science & Technology Field: Special Cases, EUL Consortia & Petroleum Industry

Prof. Dr. Shawky Salem

Professor, IT, Alexandria University, Beirut Arab University & representative of ASME in Egypt



Simulation of the Internal Ballistics of a Liquid Propellant Engine Start System Comparison with Experimental Verification

H. Karimi, and E. E. Taheri



Foam Drainage and Wetting- A Numerical Investigation

Hyunsun Do, Demetri P. Telionis, and  Roe-Hoan Yoon



Failure Analysis of Gas Turbine Combustion Chamber Using Computational Fluid Dynamics

Digvijay B. Kulshreshtha, S. A. Channiwala, and Saurabh Dikshit



Session 3:

Time: 1:15 PM – 3:00 PM

Room [B]

Chair: Prof. Dr. Akira Ogawa

Co-Chair: Prof. Dr. Nabil H. Mostafa


Invited Lecture 3:


Prediction of Surge and Rotating Stall in Compressor

Prof. Dr. Nabil H. Mostafa

Faculty of Eng., Zagazig Univ., Zagazig, Egypt



Flow Characteristics in a Magneto-Hydrodynamic Micropump

Yasser Rihan



Influence of the Volute Design Parameters on the Performance of a Centrifugal Compressor of an Aircraft Turbocharger

Ahmed A. Hassan



Designing a Test Rig for Radial Hydrodynamic Disc Seal (HDS)

Bijan Farhanieh, Mohammad Durali, and Abba Tourani



Session 4:

Time: 1:15 PM – 3:00 PM

Room [C]

Chair: Prof. Dr. Awatef Hamed

Co-Chair: Prof. Dr. El-Adawi S. El-Metwaly


Invited Lecture 4:


Co-Operative Engineering Education for the 21st Century

Prof. Dr. Awatef Hamed, and Prof. Dr. Bryan Dansderry

Cincinnati University, USA



Study of Swirling Turbulent Flow and Heat Transfer Characteristics in Conical Diffusers

H. A. Abdalla, M. M. El-Mayit, A. A. Abd El-Hamid, and A. M. El-Shazly



Aero-Thermo-Mechanical Characteristics of Functionally Graded Material Panels with Temperature-Dependent Material Properties

Hisham Hamed, Mohammad Tawfik, and Mohammad Al-Ajmi



Numerical Investigation of Buoyancy-Driven Cavity with Different Mediums and Temperature Difference

A. Balabel, S. Ismail, and S. Seliem



Steady and Pulsed Fluidic Actuation for Cavity Acoustics Control

K. Das, Awatef Hamed, and D. Basu



Session 5:

Time: 3:15 PM – 4:45 PM

Room [A]

Chair: Prof. Dr. Masanobu Namba

Co-Chair: Prof. Dr. Hassan Mansour


Invited Lecture 5:


Improved Scheme for Predicting Fan Tone Noise

Prof. Dr. Masanobu Namba

Department of Aerospace Systems Engineering, Sojo University, Kumamoto, Japan



On the Fluid Dynamical Characteristics of the Pressure Drop for the Axial Flow Cyclone Dust Collectors

Akira Ogawa



Evaluation of Turbulence Models for Flow over a Finned High Speed Train

M. I. Kamal, Y. P. Kohama, A. S. Sabry, and M. A. Serag-Eldin



A Detailed Computational Analysis of the Flow over a High Speed Train Fitted with Guide Vanes

M. I. Kamal, Y. P. Kohama, A. S. Sabry, and M. A. Serag-Eldin



Session 6:

Time: 3:15 PM – 4:45 PM

Room [B]

Chair: Prof. Dr. Hany Moustafa

Co-Chair: Prof. Dr. Mohamed R. Shaalan


Invited Lecture 6:


Future Technology Challenges for Small Aero-Engines

Prof. Dr. Hany Moustapha

Senior Fellow and Manager, P&WC Technology and Collaboration, Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp., Montreal, Canada



Effect of Bend Orientation and Flow Direction on the Behavior of Gas-Solid Flow

K. A. Ibrahim, M. A. El-Kadi, Mofreh H. Hamed, and Samy M. El-Behery



Control Supply in Water Networks-Non-Linear Case

Nagib G. N. Mohammed



Force Convection in Channel Filled Partially with Porous Medium Including the Effects of Thermal Conductivity

Abdulmannan A. Saati



Session 7:

Time: 3:15 PM – 4:45 PM

Room [C]

Chair: Prof. Dr. Kyriacos Papailiou

Co-Chair: Prof. Dr. M. A. Serag-Eldin


Invited Lecture 7:


Active Flow Control for Turbulent Separated Flows

Prof. Dr. Kyriacos Papailiou

Laboratory of Thermal Turbomachines, National Technical University of Athens, Athens, Greece



Upward and Downward Inclination Hydraulic Capsule Pipeline

M. F. Khalil, and Ali H. Hammoud



Experimental Investigation of Hydraulic Capsule Pipeline with Drag Reducing Surfactant

M. F. Khalil, and Ali H. Hammoud



Feasibility of Using Agricultural Waste as a Desiccant for Air Conditioning Systems

R. Samy, A. Khalil, S. Kaseb, and M. A. Kasem



Saturday 16 December 2006



Session 8:

Time: 9:00 AM – 10:45 AM

Room [A]

Chair: Prof. Dr. Rainer Walter

Co-Chair: Prof. Dr. Nabil H. Mostafa


Invited Lecture 8:


Economy, Profitability and Environmental Compatibility: Challenges in Future Civil Air Transportation

Prof. Dr. Dr. Rainer Walter

Koordination Technologie-Netzwerke, MTU Aero Engines GmbH, Germany



Simulation of the Dynamics Stall over an Oscillating Airfoil

Ashraf Saad Hussein



Numerical Calculation of Particle Separation in a Cyclone Flow Using LES

H. Shalaby, K. Wozniak, and G. Wozniak



Multiscale Resolution Requirements for Numerical Predictions of Unsteady High-Speed Cavity Flows and Acoustics

D. Basu, Awatef Hamed, and K. Das



Session 9:

Time: 9:00 AM – 10:45 AM

Room [B]

Chair:  Prof. Dr. Francesco Martelli

Co-Chair: Prof. Dr. Mohamed R. Shaalan


Invited Lecture 9:


Unsteady Aerodynamics and Heat Transfer in Transonic Turbine Stages: Modeling Approaches

Prof. Dr. Francesco Martelli

Dipartimento di Energetica Universitΰ degli Studi di Firenze, via di S. Marta, Firenze, Italia



Mathematical Modeling of Gas-Liquid Flows in FEM Fuel Cells

Shih-Hung Chan, Timothy W. Tong, Mohsen Beshay, and Karam R. Beshay



A New Modification to Regenerative Steam Cycle

Ahmed S. Hegazy



Turbulent Flow and Convective Heat Transfer in an Annulus with Perforated Disc-baffles

Ahmed R. El-Shamy



Session 10:

Time: 9:00 AM – 10:45 PM

Room [C]

Chair: Prof. Dr. Takaharu Tanaka

Co-Chair: Prof. Dr. El-Adawi S. El-Metwaly


Invited Lecture 10:


Fundamental Energy Transfer Mechanism Caused in Rotating Flow Passage of Turbomachinery

Prof. Dr. Takaharu Tanaka

Dept. of Mech. Eng., Kobe Univ., Japan



A Mathematical Model for Magneto-Rheological  Dampers Subjected to Sinusoidal Excitation

H. A. Gomaa, E. Saber, and H. El-Gamal



Subsonic Triple-Deck Flow past an Eroding Hump

Tarek M. A. El-Mistikawy, and Fayza M. N. El-Fayez



A Boundary Element Approach with New Algorithm to Predict Partial Cavitation around 2D Hydrofoils

Norhan A. Mohamed, Ahmed F. Abdel Gawad, and Said G. Ahmed



Session 11:

Time: 11:00 PM –12:25 PM

Room [A]

Chair: Prof. Dr. Hemdan Shalaby

Co-Chair: Prof. Dr. Sakek Z. Kassab



An Experimental Study of an Oblique Multiple Circular Air Jets Impingement on Flat Plate

Radwan M. Kamal, Mahmoud E. Mostafa, and Salem Abdel Aziz



Influence of Various Parameters on the Characteristics of Stable and Unstable Oil-in-Water Emulsion

Mohamed F. Khalil, Sadek Z. Kassab, Ashraf S. Ismail, and Ibrahim S. Elazab



Experimental and Numerical Study of Air Jet Vortex Generator for Subsonic Flow

Pawel Flaszynski, Ryszard Szwaba, and Piotr Doerffer



Computational Study of Turbulent Multiple Lobed Jets and Multiple Circular Jets

D. M. Nagendra, K. R. Prakash, and N. R. Panchapakesan



Transient High-Speed Jet Flow

R. German, and R. E. Khayat



Session 12:

Time: 11:00 PM –12:25 PM

Room [B]

Chair: Prof. Dr. Akira Ogawa

Co-Chair: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmed F. Abdel Gawad



Numerical Study of IQ in Schools

Mahmoud Fouad, Eman Abd El-Hakim, and Ghada El-Sawah



CFD Simulation for Atrium Smoke Transport and Ventilation with Regard to Exhaust Fan's Plugholing

Mahmoud Fouad, Ghada El-Sawah, and Amr El-Banhawy



Large Eddy Simulation for Flow around Buildings

S. A. Zedan, S. S. Ayad, E. A. Abdel-Hadi, and O. A. M. Gaheen



Aerodynamic and Heat Transfer Characteristics of Road Vehicles  with Different Front Shapes

Aly A. Abdel Aziz, and Ahmed F. Abdel Gawad



Numerical and Experimental Study of Wind Load around Buildings of Different Heights

N. M. Guirguis, and M. M. Nassief



Session 13:

Time: 1:15 PM – 3:00 PM

Room [A]

Chair: Prof. Dr. Y. P. Kohoma

Co-Chair: Prof. Dr. Ashraf S. Sabry



LES of Turbulent Boundary Layer over a Smooth-Curved Ramp

W. A. El-Askary



Laminar and Turbulent Flow Characteristics of Non-Newtonian Homogeneous Slurries

K. El-Nahhas, and Nabil H. Mostafa



Measurements of Flow over a Model of a Finned High Speed Train

M. I. Kamal, Y. P. Kohama, A. S. Sabry, and M. A. Serag-Eldin



Nonlinear Control of a Self-Excited System

Ayman A. El-Badawy



Experimental Study of Heat Transfer in Pulsating Turbulent Flow in a Pipe

Elsayed A. M. Elshafei, M. Safwat Mohamed, H. Mansour, and M. Sakr



Session 14:

Time: 1:15 PM – 3:00 PM

Room [B]

Chair: Prof. Dr. Khalid S. Abdol-Hamid

Co-Chair: Prof. Dr. Hassan Mansour



On the Critical Reynolds Number for Vortex Shedding past Bluff Bodies

K. A. Elshorbagy, E. M. Wahba, and R. S. Afify



Numerical Simulation of Air Humidification Process in a Duct using a Multi-Sprays System

Samy M. Morcos, Mohamoud A. Fouad, Hafez A. El-Salmawy, and Kareem M. Awny



Interest of Direct Numerical Simulations for Investigations of Turbulent Flame Structure and Noise Emissions

Hemdan Shalaby, and Dominique Thevenin



Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Cavitation in Axial Pumps

Nabil H. Mostafa, and Mohammed A. Boraey



Mathematical Modeling of the Effect of Bubbles on Turbulence in a Liquid Jet

A. Ibrahim, M. Rizk, M. G. Khalafallah, and A. Mobarak



Session 15:

Time: 3:15 PM – 4:45 PM

Room [A]

Chair: Prof. Dr. R. German

Co-Chair: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmed F. Abdel Gawad



Numerical Simulation of Supersonic Boundary Layer near an Expansion-Compression Ramp

W. A. El-Askary



Iterative Solvers and Inflow Boundary Conditions for Plane Sudden Expansion Flows

E. M. Wahba



CFD Synthesis of a Tandem-Bladed Turbocharger Centrifugal Compressor and Comparison of the Performance and Flow Characteristics with Conventional Design

Syed Noman Danish, Ma Chaochen, and Yang Ce



Flow and Heat Transfer Characteristics around a Combination of Elliptic Cylinders in-Line

Aly Abdel Aziz, Nabil S. Berbish, and Abdalla S. Hanafi



Session 16:

Time: 3:15 PM – 4:45 PM

Room [B]

Chair: Prof. Dr. Pawel Flaszynski

Co-Chair: Prof. Dr. M. Amr Serag-Eldin



Thermal Post-Buckling and Flutter Behavior of Shape Memory Alloy Hybrid Composite Plates

Hesham H. Ibrahim, Mohammad Tawfik, and Hani Mohammed Negm



Influence of Operating and Construction Parameters on the Behavior of Hydraulic Cylinder Subjected to Jerky Motion

Sadek Z. Kassab, I. G. Adam, M. A. Swidan, and M. G. Rabie



Thermal Pollution Plume from a Submerged Co-Flowing Multi-Port Diffuser of Power Plants

Mariam Gabr Salim Ali, and Mahmoud Fouad



An Analysis of the Pressure Profile in a Tubular Combustion Chamber using Finite Volume Method to Obtain the Discharges Flow Coefficients

Giuliano Gardolinski, Gilberto A. A. Moreira, Ramon M. Valle, and Jose E. M. Barros




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