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Third International Congress of Fluid Mechanics

 (ICFM 3)

January 2-4, 1990

Cairo, Egypt


Organized by:

- Mansoura University (Egypt)


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Session 1: Flow Separation


 M. Schaffar, French-German Research Institute, FRANCE

 S. Mikhail, Cairo University, EGYPT


Effects of Surface Geometry and Suction/Blowing on Marginal Separation

G. Hackmuller, and A. Kluwick

Technische University Wien, AUSTRIA


Influence of Fluid Injection on the Performance of Sudden-Enlargement

T. I. Sabry, B. A. Khalifa, N. I. Hewedy, H. A. Abdalla, and A. R. Dyab

Menoufia University, EGYPT


Prediction of Separated Flows Using the Thin-Layer Navier-Stokes Equations

A. A. Seif, M. F. Zedan, and A. M. Al-Shihry

King Saud University, SAUDI ARABIA


An Integral Viscous-Inviscid Interaction Model for Separating Shear Flow of Viscoelastic Fluids

L. H. Rabie

Mansoura University, EGYPT



Session 2: CFD: General Schemes


C. H. Liu, NASA Langley Research Center, USA

A. B. Khalil, Cairo University, EGYPT


Vorticity-Dilatation Boundary Conditions for Viscous Compressible Flows

J. Z. WU, C. J. Wu, and J. M. Wu

The University of Tennessee Space Institute, TN, USA


Boundary-Integral Method for Calculating Aerodynamic Sensitivities with Illustration for Lifting-Surface Theory

E. C. Yates, and R. N. Desmarais

NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton VA USA


Efficient Implementation of the Signal Flow Graph Technique Applied to a Nonlinear Fluid Pipe Network

M. N. Sabry

Mansoura University, EGYPT


Water Table Movements and Its Effect on Pipe Network Leakage Detection

M. H. Mowafy, T. M. Owais, M. M. Soliman, and M. W. Abdelsalam

Zagazig University, EGYPT



Session 3: Unsteady Aerodynamics


J. Edwards, NASA Langley Research Center, USA

A. E. Ibrahim, Alexandria University, EGYPT


Unsteady Aerodynamics: Physical Issues and Numerical Predictions

J. W. Edwards

NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA, USA


On the Three-Dimensionality and Unsteadiness of Separated Flows

U. Dallmann, and B. Schulte-Werning

DLR Institut Fur Theoretical Stromungsmechanik, FRG


Impact of Moving Discontinuous Flow on Wall Boundaries

M. M. Kemry

Al-Azhar University, EGYPT


Impulsive Flow over an Elliptic Cylinder

H. Jafroudi, and H. T. Yang

University of Southern California, CA, USA



Session 4: Fluid Machinery


W. Wiedenroth, University of Paderborn, FRG

A. S. Huzzien, Assiut University, EGYPT


Design Optimization of HAWT for Egyptian Climatology (Part I, Optimum Design)

H. Mansour, M. A. Rayan, and M. El-Naggar

Mansoura University, EGYPT


Design Optimization of HAWT for Egyptian Climatology. (Part II, Realistic Design)

H. Mansour, M. A. Rayan, and M. El-Naggar

Mansoura University, EGYPT


Influence of Air-Water Flow Mixtures on the Performance of Axial-Flow Pumps

A. M. Elsebaie, S. K. Kaddah, N. Abdel-Aziz, and H. A. Sadek

Ain Shams University, EGYPT


An Advanced Rotor Design for a Partial Admitted Pelton Steam Turbine under Aspect of Waste Heat Recovery

Z. Shao, D. Burhorn, M. Malobabic, and M. Rautenberg

Institute for Turbomachinery, Hannover, FRG


On the Behaviour of One Stage of a Multiple-Stage Centrifugal Pump Transporting a Solid-Liquid Mixture

W. Wiedenroth

Paderborn University, FRG



Session 5: Boundary Layer Control and Stability


R. W. Miksad, The University of Texas at Austin, USA

R. Vollheim, Technical University of Dresden, GDR


Separation Prevention as an Indirect Problem Based on the Triple Deck Theory

T. El-Mistikawy

Cairo University, EGYPT


Application of Localized Surface Heating to Actively Control the Boundary Layer Separation

N. M. El-Hady, and L. Maestrello

NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA, USA


Symmetry and Instability of Radially-Heated Circular Couette Flow in a Tall Vertical Annulus

M. E. Alt, and P. D. Weidman

Helwan University, EGYPT - University of Colordo at Boulder, CO, USA


The Effect of Taylor Cell Size on the Transition to Time-Dependent Motion in Taylor Experiment (Wide Gap Case)

M. H. Said

Helwan University, EGYPT


Review of Some Recent Results on Stability, Transition, and Boundary Layer Control

V. Levchenko

Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, USSR


The Generation of Disturbances in Boundary Layers by Inhomogeneous Boundary Conditions

M. Gaster, and T. S. Gupta

University of Cambridge, ENGLAND



Session 6: CFD: Grid Generation


R. E. Smith, NASA Langley Research Center, USA

M. S. Khader, Cairo University, EGYPT


Use of Non-Cartesian Topology in Giant Grids for Controlling Global Grid Density

G. R. Shevare

Indian Institute of Technology, INDIA


Interactive Grid Adaption

J. S. Abolhassani, and E. L. Everton

Old Dominion University, VA, USA


Grid Generation for Computational CFD of full Aerodynamic Configurations

R. E. Smith

NASA Langley Research Center, VA, USA


Toward the Validation of Unsteady Solutions by Using Highly Accurate Schemes on Non-Uniform Grid System

S. Shirayama, and K. Kuwahara

Institute for Space and Astronautical Science, JAPAN



Session 7: Vorticity Dominated Flows I


E. C., Jr., Yates, NASA Langley Research Center, USA

A. Abd El-Halim, Alexandria University, EGYPT


Vortex Breakdown: Physical Issue and Computational Simulation

E. Krause

Aerodynamisches Institut, Aachen, FRG


Influence of Free Stream Turbulence on a Trailing Line Vortex

R. L. Ash, and D. J. Stead

Old Dominion University, VA, USA


Swirl Effects on Confined Flows in Axisymmetric Geometries

S. A. Ahmed, and A. S. Nejad

Wright Patterson Air Force Base, OH, USA


Predicted Coupling of Trip Rod Vortex Shedding with the Acoustic Field of a Resonator Tube

E. Brocher, M. C. Thompson, and K. Hourigan

University d'Aix Marseille, FRANCE


Measurement of Aerodynamic Properties of Golf Balls

J. P. Renaudeaux, C. Bouzouane, H. Vauxel, and A. Martinet

Université de Pierre et Marie Curie, FRANCE


Unsteady Aerodynamics of Delta Wings, Undergoing Ramp-Maneuvering in Pitch to Post-Stall Angle of Attack

M. A. Jarrah

University of Science and Technology, JORDAN



Session 8: Turbomachinery


A. Hamed, University of Cincinnati, USA

A. Mobarak, Cairo University, EGYPT


Off Design Performance of Axial Flow Turbines

H. Moustapha

Pratt and Whitney, Montreal, Quebec, CANADA


Flow Measurements Through Radial Turbine Nozzles

W. Tabakoff, and H. Eroglu

University of Cincinnati, OH, USA


Three-Dimensional LDV Flow Measurements and Theoretical Investigation in a Radial Inflow Turbine Scroll

M. F. Malak, A. Hamed, and W. Tabakoff

Allied-Signal Aerospace Company, AZ - University of Cincinnati, OH, USA


Hot Particles over Transpired Cylinders

D. D. Kladas, and D. P. Georgiou

Patras University, GREECE


Experimental Investigation on Flow between a Stationary Flat Disk and Rotating Cones

B. A. Khalifa, N. I. I. Hewedy, M. El-Kady, and A. I. El-Batran

Menoufia University, EGYPT



Session 9: Stability I: Receptivity


M. R. Malik, High Technology Corporation, USA

G. Khalafalla, Cairo University, EGYPT


Boundary Layer Receptivity: Theory

E. J. Kerschen

University of Arizona, AZ, USA


Boundary Layer Receptivity: Computation

H. L. Reed, W. S. Saric, and N. Lin

Arizona State University, AZ, USA


Boundary Layer Receptivity: Experiments

W. S. Saric, Y. Kohama, and J. A. Hoos

Arizona State University, AZ, USA


Receptivity, Stability and Transition of Boundary Layers at High Levels of Turbulence

V. V. Kozlov

Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, USSR



Session 10: CFD: Workstations and PC


S. R. Bland, NASA Langley Research Center, USA

S. Dessouky, Cairo University, EGYPT


Computational Fluid Dynamics on Workstations and Personal Computers

E. von Lavante

Old Dominion University, Norfolk, USA


Full Navier-Stokes Solutions on Personal Computers

M. P. Thomadakis, and S. Tsangaris

National Technical University of Athens, GREECE


Simulations of Unsteady Flows Using Personal Computers

E. von Lavante, A. El-Miligui, and H. Warda

University of Essen, FRG - Old Dominion University, VA, USA - Alexandria University EGYPT


Personal Computer Study of Finite-Difference Methods for the Transonic Small Disturbance Equation

S. R. Bland

NASA Langley Research Center, VA, USA



Session 11: Vorticity Dominated Flows II


E. Krause, Aerodynamisches Institut, Aachen, FRG

S. Morad, Cairo University, EGYPT


An Evaluation of the Biot-Savart Computational Model for a Slit-Jet Flow Field

S. K. Ali, and J. F. Foss

Michigan State University, MI, USA


Numerical Simulations of Steady and Unsteady Vortical Flow around Wings and Bodies

O. A. Kandil

Old Dominion University, VA, USA


Prediction of Vortical Flows on Wings Using Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations

C.-H. Hsu, and C. H. Liu

NASA Langley Research Center, VA, USA


Vortex Shedding Over Non-Parallel Edges

S. Klute, O. Rediniotis, H. Stapountzis, and D. Telionis

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, VA, USA



Session 12: Propulsion


W. Tabakoff, University of Cincinnati, USA

F. EL-Mahallawy, Cairo University, EGYPT


Jet Engines Performance Deterioration

W. Tabakoff, and A. Hamed

University of Cincinnati, OH, USA


An Efficient and Successful "Dry Low NOx" System for Gas Turbines

B. Becker

Siemens, Mülheim, FRG


Flow Separation in Oblique Shock Wave Boundary Layer Interactions

A. Hamed

University of Cincinnati, OH, USA


Propulsion Feeder System: Unsteady Flow Modeling

F. Martelli, G. Bidini, G. Manfrida, and S. Scippa

Universita degli Studi di Firenze - SNIA-BPD S. P. A., ITALY



Session 13: Turbulence


H. Reed, Arizona State University, USA

M. El-Kotb, Cairo University, EGYPT


Numerical Simulation of the Nonlinear Evolution of Görtler Vortices

A. S. Sabry, and J. T. C. Liu

Brown University, RI, USA


Comparison of Measured and Calculated Disturbance Growth in a Three-Dimensional Boundary Layer Flow

H. Bippes, B. Muller, C. Berger, and F. S. Collier

DLR, Göttingen, FRG


Effect of Suction on the Stability of Supersonic and Hypersonic Boundary Layers

A. A. Al-Maaitah, and A. H. Nayfeh

Mu'tah University, JORDAN - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, VA, USA


On the Stability of Supersonic Flow past Axisymmetric Bodies

M. R. Malik, and R. E. Spall

High Technology Corporation, VA, USA


Geometrical Factors Influencing the Flow Field in a Propulsive Nozzle

M. M. Kemry

Al-Azhar University, Egypt



Session 14: Waves and Sound


A. Kluwick, Wien Technische Universitat, AUSTRIA

M. M. Kamel, Cairo University, EGYPT


ESWL Physics II: Temporal and Spatial Distribution of the Focused Shock Wave and its Effect on Urinary Test Concretion

M. Nasr, and U. Kurzweg

Helwan University, EGYPT - University of Florida, USA


Dissipative Effects on Internal Gravity-Waves in the Atmosphere

F. Mainardi, F. Tampieri, and G. Vitali

University of Bologna, ITALY


On the Propagation of Spherical and Cylindrical Waves in Media Having Both Positive and Negative Nonlinearity

A. Kluwick, and E. Czemetschka

Techmsche Univen-dtat Wien, AUSTRIA


Vortex Sound

F. Obermeier, and E.-A. Müller

Max-Planck-Institut fur Strömungsforschung, Göttingen, FRG



Session 15: Rotor Aerodynamics


O. A. Kandil, Old Dominion University, USA

A. El-Kayar, Alexandria University, EGYPT


Numerical Simulations of Three-Dimensional Rotor Blade-Vortex Interactions

A. A. Hassan, and B. D. Charles

McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Company, AZ, USA


Rotor Loads Computation Using Singularity Methods and Application to the Noise Prediction

M. Schaffar, and J. Haertig

French-German Research Institute, FRANCE


Numerical Simulation of Wakes with Application to Blade-Vortex Interaction

B. Dong, and D. T. Mook

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, VA, USA


Effect of Entrance Housing on Axial Fan Performance

M. El Sallak, and A. Mobarak

Cairo University, EGYPT


Experimental Investigation of the Influence of Cut-Off Ratio on Radial Fan Performance

M. El Sallak, and A. Mobarak

Cairo University, EGYPT



Session 16: Thermofluids I


K. Klemp, Ruhr Universitat Bochum, FRG

M. M. Hillal, Cairo University, EGYPT


Combustion Process in a Gas Turbine Combustor when Using H2, NH3 and LPG Fuels

A. A. Desoky, A. S. Khalaf, and F. M. El-Mahallawy

Mansoura University - Cairo University, EGYPT


Improved Heat Transport of Heat Pipes with an Internal Wall Separating Liquid and Vapour Streams

K. A. Joudi, T. A. Abd-Al Hussain, and P. M. Abdul Majeed

Anbar University, IRAQ


Two-Dimensional Convergent-Divergent Nozzle Flow with Wall Velocity Slip and Temperature Jump

N. I. I. Hewedy, M. M. El-Kady, and M. A. Hamed

Menoufia University, EGYPT


Analysis of Heat Transfer in a Fluidized Bed Circulating through a Packed Bed

V. R. Raghavan, and A. M. Ibrahim

Indian Institute of Technology, INDIA - Mansoura University, EGYPT



Session 17: Stability II: Nonlinear Effects


E. J. Kerschen, University of Arizona, USA

A. A. Mohamed, Ain Shams University, EGYPT


Evolution and Interaction of Two- and Three-Dimensional Instability Waves

R. R. Mankbadi

NASA Lewis Research Center, Cleveland OH, USA


Nonlinear Secondary Bifurcation Solutions in Plane Poiseuille Flow

U. Ehrenstein, and W. Koch

DLR Institute for Theoretical Fluid Mechanics, Göttingen, FRG


Subharmonic Instability in Compressible Boundary Layers

J. A. Masad, and A. H. Nayfeh

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, VA, USA


Two Vorticity Source Models for Predicting Secondary Flow in Non-Circular Passages

M. A. Khalifa, M. A. Rizk, and M. M. Enayet

Cairo University, EGYPT


Numerical Investigation of the Later Stages of the Fundamental Breakdown

H. Fasel, and U. Rist

Stuttgart University, FRG


On Instabilities in Axisymmetric Jet: Subharmonic Resonance

C. O. Paschereit, and I. Wygnanski

University of Arizona, AZ, USA



Session 18: CFD: Euler and Navier-Stokes Equations


H. A. Hassan, North Carolina State University, USA

J. E. Estivalezes, ONERA, Toulouse, FRANCE


Third Order Nonoscillatory Shock-Capturing Schemes for the Euler Equations of Gas Dynamics

J. Y. Yang

National Taiwan University, TAIWAN


Convergence Acceleration for a Finite Volume Scheme of the Euler Equations Using Mesh Sequencing

D. Drikakis, and S. Tsangaris

National Technical University of Athens, GREECE


Recent Developments in the Computational Solutions of Euler Equations

P. Raj

Lockheed Aeronautical Systems Company, CA, USA


Simulation of Three-Dimensional Flow Separation Using Navier-Stokes Equations

C.-M. Hung

NASA Ames Research Center, CA, USA


Oscillatory Flows in Rectangular Cavities with Steady Boundary Conditions

J. L. Estivalezes, and H. C. Boisson




Session 19: Cavitation


G. Krey, Schiele GMBH, Eschborn, FRG

N. M. Raafat, Cairo University, EGYPT


Modified Parameters for Cavitation Damage Correlation

B. A. Khalifa, S. M. Serag, S. M. Selim, and M. M. Allam

Menoufia University, EGYPT


Theoretical Model for Cavitation Erosion Prediction in Centrifugal Pump Impeller

M. A. Rayan, M. M. Mahgoub, and N. H. Mostafa

Mansoura University, EGYPT


Cavitation in Suction-Impellers at Off-Design Operation and NPSH-Correction at Partial Load

W. Tillner

University of Paderborn, FRG


Experimental Evaluation of Pneumatic Atomizers by Hot Film

A. Shibl, and A. Seif

King Saud University, SAUDI ARABIA


Experimental Investigation on Sedimentation of Air Fluidized Fine Solid Particles

S. M. Eldighidy, and M. A. Rabah

Sultan Qaboos University, Oman - El-Tebbin Institute, EGYPT



Session 20: Thermofluids II


R. L. Ash, Old Dominion University, USA

M. M. Awad, Mansoura University, EGYPT


Similarity Rules for Superheated Liquid Jets

G. E. A. Meier, H. Chaves, and T. A. Kowalewski

Max-Planck-Institut für Strömungsforschung, Göttingen, FRG


On the Higher Order Accurate Compact Schemes for Solving the Convection-Diffusion Problems

S. F. Radwan

Alexandria University, EGYPT


Investigation of Radiative Interactions in High-Speed Entrance Region Flows

S. N. Tiwari, and D. J. Singh

Old Dominion University, VA, USA


Natural Convection Cooling of Heated Blocks

M. Afrid, and A. Zebib

Rutgers University, NJ, USA



Session 21: Mixing and Shear Layers


D. B. Taulbee, University of Buffalo, USA

A. A. Ashour, Cairo University, EGYPT


Behavior of Confined Shear Layers in a Rectangular Sudden Expansion

J. R. Hertzberg, and C. M. Ho

University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, USA


The Spreading of a Liquid Jet into a Gaseous Atmosphere

G. Janson

University of Kaiserslautern, FRG


Gas-Phase Flowrate Effect on Disintegrating Cryogenic Liquid-Jets

R. D. Ingebo

NASA Lewis Research Center, Cleveland, OH, USA


Particle Dispertion by Vortex Structures in Plane Mixing Layers

N. Kamalu, F. Wen, P. Hanle, J. N. Chung, C. T. Crowe, and T. R. Troutt

Washington State University, WA, USA



Session 22: CFD: Navier-Stokes  Equations


J. N. Reddy, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA

M. A. Serag El-Din, Cairo University, EGYPT


Numerical Solution of the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations for Unsteady Three-Dimensional Flow

D. Hänel, and M. Breuer

Aerodynamisches Institut, Aachen, FRG


Finite-Element Analysis of Flows of Non-Newtonian Fluids in Three-Dimensional Enclosures

J. N. Reddy, and M. P. Reddy

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, VA, USA


Finite Elements for the Calculation of Turbulent Flows in Three-Dimensional Complex Geometries

A. Ruprecht

Stuttgart University, FRG


The Discrete Continuity in Primitive Variable Solutions of Incompressible Flow

F. Sotiropoulos, and S. Abdallah

University of Cincinnati, OH, USA


Computation of Complex Flows in Gas Turbine Combustors with Multi-Level Additive Correction Technique

O. M. F. Elbahar

Cairo University, EGYPT



Session 23: Special Topics I (MHD)


J. P. Renaudeaux, Paris VI University, FRANCE

A. Gad Elmawla, Ain Shams University, EGYPT


Flow Fields inside MHD Generators and Seawater Thrusters

E. D. Doss, and G. D. Roy

Argonne National Laboratory, IL - Office of Naval Research, Virginia, USA


A Mathematical Model for Predicting the Magneto Hydro Dynamics of Aluminum Reduction Cells

A. Kandil, A. H. A. Baghdadi, and S. Khader

Cairo University, EGYPT


The Rotating Disk Flow in the Presence of Strong Magnetic Field

T. M. El-Mistakawy, and A. H. Attia

Cairo University, EGYPT


Hydromagnetic Free Convective Flow through Porous Media past an Impulsively Started Heated Permeable Plate

A. A. Megahed, and M. M. Abollazm

Cairo University, EGYPT



Session 24: Thermofluids III


A. Zebib, Rutgers University, NJ, USA

M. S. Abd El-Salam, Cairo University, EGYPT


Numerical Studies of Thermally Induced Flow Circulation inside Rectangular Enclosures

A. El-Zawahry, and H. E. S. Fath

Cairo University - Alexandria University, EGYPT


Entrance Flow in a Channel with Temperature Dependent Viscosity Including Viscous Dissipation Effects

K. Klemp, H. Herwig, and M. Seltmann

Ruhr Universität Bochum, FRG


A Boundary Integral Method Applied to Viscous Flow with or without Heat Transfer

M. N. Sabry

Mansoura University, EGYPT


A Novel Multi-Stage Inertia Air Filter for Automotive Engines

A. Torky, A. H. A. Baghdadi, and A. Mobarak

Cairo University, EGYPT



Session 25: Mixing Layers and Turbulent Flows


C. M. Ho, University of Southern California, USA

E. A. Salem, Alexandria University, EGYPT


Polyspectral Measurements and Analysis of the Subharmonic Emergence in a Plane Mixing Layer

M. R. Hajj, R. W. Miksad, E. J. Powers, and C. P. Ritz

University of Texas at Austin, TX, USA


The Growth and Development of a Turbulent Junction Vortex

F. J. Pierce, and J. Shin

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, VA, USA


Turbulent Diffusion from Point Source in a Uniform Flow of Viscoelastic Fluids

L. H. Rabie, M. S. El Kady, and M. Abd Elaall

Mansoura University, EGYPT


The Laterally Confined Mixing Layer - An Effective Flow Resonator

H. E. Fiedler, and D. Hilberg

Berlin Technische Universität, FRG



Session 26: CFD: Compressible Flows


K. Kuwahara, Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, JAPAN

A. El-Ahwany, Ain Shams University, EGYPT


Computations and Recent Navier-Stokes Code Developments in Taiwan

S.-M. Liang

National Cheng Kung University, TAIWAN


A Block-Based Algorithm for the Solution of Compressible Flows in Rotor-Stator Combinations

H. U. Akay, A. Ecer, and A. Beskok

Purdue University, IN, USA


Hypersonic Flow: Physical Issues and Computational Simulation

H. A. Hassan

North Carolina State University, NC, USA


Study of the Expansion of Hydrocarbon-Oxygen Products through Supersonic Nozzle

M. A. El-Kady, M. M. Kemry, and M. Abdel Aal

Al-Azhar University, EGYPT



Session 27: Special Topics II


D. T. Mook, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA

M. F. Khalil, Alexandria University, EGYPT


A Nonlinear Analytical Solution for Aerofoils in Irrotational Flow

D. Mateescu, and Y. Nadeau

McGill University, CANADA


An Experimenter's Viewpoint about the Friction Velocity in Thick Boundary Layer

S. Z. Kassab

Alexandria University, EGYPT


Heat Transfer from a Slender Body of Revolution at Incidence

F. A. Youssef

Helwan University, EGYPT


The Aerodynamic Characteristics of a Commercial Truck with Different Loading Configurations

A. Y. Abdalla, A. F. Abdel-Azim, and A. M. Aly

Helwan University - Zagazig University - Suez Canal University, EGYPT


A Modified Technique for Interpreting X-wire Signals in Flow Domains of Complex Geometry

A. M. Y. Ahmed, and A. D. Gosman

Helwan University, EGYPT - Imperial College of Science and Technology, University of London, UK



Session 28: Fluid Machinery and Two-Phase Flows


M. Rautenberg, University of Hannover, FRG

A. M. El-Sebaie, Ain Shams University, EGYPT


Numerical Investigation of Multiple Disk Pump Handling Non-Newtonian Fluids

H. Mansour

Mansoura University, EGYPT


Vibration in High-Speed Centrifugal Fans Using Anti-Friction Bearings

G. Krey

Schiele GMBH, Eschbom, FRG


Transient Phenomenon in Slurries

A. H. A. Baghdadi

Cairo University, EGYPT


Modeling Adiabatic, Two-Dimensional, Two-Phase Annular Flow: A Correlation Predicting the Equilibrium Void Fraction

F. A. Rashwan, and O. M. Abdel-Hafez

Assiut University, EGYPT


The Behaviour of the Reverse Flow on the Verge of Rotating Stall in Turbocompressors

U. Haupt, Y. N. Chen, and M. Rautenberg

Institute for Turbomachinery, Hannover, FRG - Sulzer Brothers Ltd., Winterthur, Switzerland


Reverse Flow, Tip Leakage Jet and Secondary Recirculations of Rotating Stall in Compressor Rotors and Impellers

U. Haupt, Y. N. Chen, and M. Rautenberg

Institute for Turbomachinery, Hannover, FRG - Sulzer Brothers Ltd., Winterthur, Switzerland



Session 29: Turbulent Flows


H. E. Fiedler, Berlin Technische Universität, FRG

G. Janson, University of Keiserlautern, FRG


Physical and Computational Issues for Turbulent Flow Modeling

D. B. Taulbee

University of Buffalo, NY, USA


Numerical Evaluation of k-e Model-Modifications for the Prediction of Turbulent Round Jets

M. A. Rizk, M. A. Khalifa, and M. M. Enayet

Cairo University, EGYPT


Turbulent Couette Flow: Asymptotics vs. Experimental Data

W. Schneider, R. Eder, and J. Schmidt

Technische University Wien, Austria


Development of Lateral Turbulent Jets in Confined Tubes - Application to Assisted Breathing

D. Isabey

Institut National de la Santé et de La Recherche Médicale, FRANCE


A Skin Friction Correlation for Rough Turbulent Boundary Layers with Pressure Gradients

M. F. Abd Rabbo, M. S. Zahran, and M. K. Mawlood

Zagazig University, EGYPT - Mosul University, IRAQ


On the Forced Two-Dimensional Wall-Jet

Y. Katz, and I. Wygnanski

University of Arizona, AZ, USA



Session 30: Supersonic and Reacting Flows


E. von Lavante, University of Essen, FRG

M. T. Sabry, Menoufia University, EGYPT


Interaction of Rotationally and Vibrationally Excited Molecules

J. A. Kunc

University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, USA


Consideration of Geometrical Aspects in Modeling the Flow of Reactive Gas Mixture through Nozzles

M. A. El-Kady

Al-Azhar University, EGYPT


Geometrical Factors Influencing the Flow Field in a Propulsive Nozzle

M. M. Kemry

Al-Azhar University, EGYPT


Heat and Momentum Transfer along a Non-Isothermal Flat Surface Moving Continuously in a Parallel Free Stream

A. M. Abdallah, and E. M. Elsherbiny

Reactor Department, Nuclear Research Center, EGYPT


A Study of Non-Equilibrium Wet Steam Flows in Supersonic Nozzles

N. H. Mahmoud

Menoufia University, EGYPT



Session 31: Special Topics III


A. Seif, King Saud University, SAUDI ARABIA

B. Khalifa, Menoufia University, EGYPT


Significance of Wind Loading on Air-Inflated Dams

A. M. Al-Brahim

King Saud University, SAUDI ARABIA


Flow Characteristics of an Oval Tube Bank in Crossflow

A. M. Ibrahim, and M. M. Mahgoub

Mansoura University, EGYPT


Techno-Economical Optimization Model for the Design of an Autonomous Wind/Diesel Energy System

M. G. Osman, F. M. Youssef, and S. M. Abdelkader

Mansoura University, EGYPT


Investigation to Arrangement of a Two Nozzles Multi-Color Air Jet Insertion System

M. Salama, and S. Ibrahim

Mansoura University, EGYPT


Flow Transient after Pump Coastdown in a Single-Loop Reactor System

A. M. Abdallah, E. M. Elsherbiny, and S. Abou El-Seoud

Nuclear Research Center, EGYPT



Session 32: Two-Phase Flows


H. C. Boisson, Institute of Fluid Mechanics, Toulouse, FRANCE

M. A. Rayan, Mansoura University, EGYPT


Investigation of Pressure Drop on Upward Two-Phase Flow in a Vertical Rod-Bundle

S. F. Hanna, M. M. Mahgoub, and H. M. Mostafa

Mansoura University, EGYPT


Steady Isothermal Bubble Collapse and Growth in Water Cooled Reactors

M. M. Mahgoub

Mansoura University, EGYPT


Entrainment of Liquids from Porous Media by an Air Stream

M. N. Sabry, H. Mansour, and A. A. El-Naquib

Mansoura University, EGYPT


A Study on the Flow-Field of Gas Fluidized Bed Systems

S. H. El-Emam

Mansoura University, EGYPT


Optimum Thermal Performance and Design of a Nuclear Pressurizer during Normal Operation

A. M. Abdallah

Nuclear Research Center, EGYPT


Performance Characteristics of Externally Pressurized Bearings under Turbulent Flow Conditions

M. F. Khalil, and A. S. Ismail

Alexandria University, EGYPT





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